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New Services
     We are happy to announce that Wise 24 has launched the beta program for the classification tools, part of our SaaS offer. Automatic HS classification, cross border data augmentation, workflow assistance, these are only a few features that can help customs brokers, HS classification providers, retailers and many others to enhance their classification process.
A successful year
    A very successful year for Wise 24 has ended. We thank our customers, our teams and our partners for the fantastic opportunities we had in 2016.
New Success
     In cooperation with its partners Wise 24 has deployed the most scalable high performance quoting engine ever built by our team. The system is targeted to provide the landed cost for e-commerce cross border transactions supporting a load of over 500 millions API calls a day and a very fast response time.

We Know What It Takesto be the Leader!

    We have created the best software tools to support cross border transactions for our customers. With over 15 years of experience in this domain we can help you manage:

   HS Classification
   ECCN Classification
   Duty Calculation
   Tax Calculation
   Export Compliance
   Import Compliance

    If you are an online retailer, a logistic provider, a customs broker or you simply want to reach across border we can help you with our expertise covering over 30 countries around the world.